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Adjusting your spending after a divorce

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In today’s economy it is sometimes difficult to get by on two paychecks, but when your household is down to one paycheck, well that’s another story.  It is not fun being broke.  Living from paycheck to paycheck can be stressful. 

You need to sit down and review the bills that need to be paid monthly; see what expenses you have that’s taking all your money. You may need to change your spending habits – you don’t need to sacrifice your lifestyle. 

Adjusting your spending does not need to be extreme.  There is no need to eat lunch in a restaurant every day – bring your lunch to work.  Drinking water instead of Cola will save you lots of money each week – not to mention the calories.  Can you afford the rent on your own?  Consider taking in a roommate or moving to a less expensive place.  If you really need some extra money to get by, consider doing without cable TV or all the magazines you subscribe to.  Make a list of your monthly expenses, check it twice and eliminate what you do not need. 

Just remember, you are doing without for a short time – until you get back on your feet.  Just remember, you can do it!

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