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After the divorce

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Once you receive your final judgment, you would think that your court days are over wouldn’t you?  Many times the answer is yes, but many times you may need to go back to court. 

A reason to go back to court is if your spouse is not making his or her alimony or child support payments on time.  If the judge finds he or she has the ability to pay, he or she can be held in contempt and sentenced to jail until the payment is made.  If there is a valid reason for non-payment, the judge will take it into consideration. 

If there is a change in circumstances such as loss of job or illness, and the child support or alimony needs to be modified, that would initiate a visit back to court. 

If you have your final judgment in hand, but are still battling over issues with your former spouse, your first goal is to find a Riverside County Family Law attorney who has the experience with your specific problem and will fight for you.

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