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An order of protection

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An order of protection is an important legal remedy for victims of spousal abuse or family violence.  It is unfortunate though that it can also become a tool for leverage in divorce and child custody proceedings.

If you are a victim of family violence and you fear for the safety of yourself and your children, you can obtain a temporary order of protection from a family court judge.  It will require that the abuser leave your home immediately and have no contact with you or your children.

If you are the one that was served with an order of protection, there could be consequences for your freedom, your parental rights and your employment.

Whether you are the victim of family violence or have been falsely accused of domestic violence, these allegations are very serious. Contact an experienced Riverside Family Law attorney who has helped women, men and children whose safety and lives have been in danger by filing orders of protection on their behalf.  In addition, if you have been falsely accused of abuse as part of a divorce action, your attorney will advocate for your legal rights.

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