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Another Hollywood breakup

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For those who follow Hollywood couples… here’s another Hollywood breakup – Olivia Wilde and her husband, filmmaker Tao Ruspoli have separated after eight years of marriage.

Could it be because she was only 18 when they got married?  Or, maybe it was because they only knew each other for six months. Could it be because he is the son of the late Italian Prince Dado Ruspoli?  Maybe it was because instead of being married like all other royal couples do, they got married in an abandoned school bus in rural Virginia.  Whatever the reason, another Hollywood couple is heading down the drain. 

The couple has been living apart for a while, working on their relationship. 

Wilde told Playboy Magazine that the marriage was a secret and they married in a school bus because it was the only place they could be completely alone.  She said, “We were hippies; we lived on that bus for months.”  In December, she told Women’s Health Magazine about her unconventional courtship, “If it lasts, we’re lucky.”  Hopefully some luck will come their way.

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