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California annulment law

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Divorce is not the only way that marriage can end. A marriage can be dissolved by annulment if the court determines that it was not legally valid. In the eyes of the law, once a marriage has been annulled, it will be as if it never existed at all because it was not legally formed.

Under California law the annulment of a marriage can happen in 8 circumstances:

1. When the married partners are related to each other by blood.

2. When one of the partners is already married to another person.

3. A marriage can be declared invalid if one of the partners was under 18 years old at the time of the marriage.

4. If one of the parties was already married and if his/her spouse had been absent for 5 years prior to the second marriage.

5. If a spouse is declared to have unsound mind , a marriage may be nullified.

6. If the marriage happened by fraud, for example, if one spouse marries another just to be able to receive a residency status in California.

7. If the consent for marriage happened as a result of force

8. If one of the partners is unable to consummate the marriage and the inability can ’t be cured, the marriage can be voided.

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