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California Marriage and Divorce Facts

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For those of you in a marriage or going through a divorce, check this out.

Did you know that California’s first divorce law was established in 1851?  It contained reasons for divorce other than irreconcilable differences.  They included adultery, impotence, extreme cruelty, fraud, desertion or neglect and conviction for a felony.

During the period of 1848 to 1855, also known as the Gold Rush era, California had the highest divorce rate in the world, especially because of the numerous reasons available.

In addition, in the year 2008, it was determined by the U. S. Census that while 8.3% of California men divorced and 9.9% of California women divorce, 19.5% of men married and 17.8% of women married.

If you have any questions regarding divorce in California, contact an experienced Riverside Family Law attorney who can give you the answers.

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