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Can I afford to get a divorce?

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In this economy, many couples with irreconcilable differences are hearing that many people are choosing not to get divorced because they think they can’t afford it. One of the most difficult decisions is to end their marriage. Once you have made that decision, however, the reality is staying together based upon financial need is not a practical solution and will often lead to more serious problems. Our firm offers affordable divorce solutions and can even represent you at a single hearing or on one issue only.

Should I move out of the house? Maybe, maybe not. In some cases it can be a good idea to move out during the divorce. In others, not so much. Our lawyers can provide you with an objective perspective on the pros and cons.

Where and when do I file? Where and when you file your marriage dissolution petition is important. Talk to us about why and find out where you need to go.

For answers to other divorce or property division questions — call any one of our office locations directly or contact us online.

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