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Caught in an extramarital affair

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When a woman finds evidence of her husband having an extramarital affair, most of the time she will seriously consider divorce.  Not being able to trust your partner constitutes drastic measures.  Finding out your spouse is having an affair opens up intense emotions you did not know you had – betrayal, deception, rage, and humiliation.

Even though the first thing that comes to mind when an affair is discovered is hot, steamy, sex that is not always the case.  In some cases it is because that partner’s needs were not met.  The reasons for an affair sometimes go beyond the sexual act.  When a person becomes intimate with another person, it is because of a bond that pulls them together spiritually, emotionally and sexually.  Some relationships require more than just sex; they have the need to be connected.  Intimacy holds the relationship together like glue.  In order for intimacy to be present, a person must feel respected, cherished and valued by that another person.  They must be able to communicate with each other.

 Sex with another partner other than your spouse usually comes because of the breakdown of communication with your spouse and cuts the bond that existed at one time.  Just because one partner strays, doesn’t mean he or she is 100% to blame.  In order for a relationship to work, both partners must give their all.  There is no easy fix when an extramarital affair takes place.  However, if both partners want to save the marriage, with professional help and patience and honesty, you just might be able to save it.

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