5 June 2011 0 Comments

Charlie Sheen’s divorce is final

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Charlie Sheen has been in the news a lot lately – maybe too much for some of us.  In any event, he can now say he is divorced – again.

So much has gone on in his household – everyday was something new and different – not to mention the custody battle over his two-year old twin sons, Bob and Max.  However, the divorce has come only six months after it was filed.  

There is a little good news here – the couple has agreed to joint custody, Mueller will have physical custody.  Both parties have agreed to random drug tests as part of their divorce resolution.  The divorce agreement awards Mueller $55,000 a month child support and a one-time sum of $750,000 – not to mention $1 million for letting Sheen keep their Los Angeles home.

Let’s hope Charlie Sheen cleans up his life and lives happily ever after.

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