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Child custody modification

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When it comes to divorce and child custody issues, California law mandates that the best interests of the child be the number one determining factor and priority in all family court decisions involving parenting plans between the two parents.

In a perfect world the parents would come to a mutual agreement on how to raise their child – thus, they would avoid a possible vicious court battle and they would be able to make important decisions about raising their child since they know their child better than anyone.

However, since this is not a perfect world, many parents cannot agree on an amicable parenting plan and the family court must step in to mandate a custody order that will benefit the child.  What happens when they prefer to keep the upbringing of their child out of the legal system?

By contacting an experienced Riverside Family Law attorney, who can serve as a mediator between the two parents, the parenting plan can be accomplished with less aggravation and anger.  If the parenting plan needs to be modified, your attorney can assist with changing it.  This provides for less contentious and biter behavior; it is a healthier environment for the child.

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