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Child tax credits

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If you are recently divorced, you may not know about child tax credits that can help you.  You may be able to take tax credits for your children

The Dependent Care Credit can help you with child care expenses, such as daycare.  You can qualify for this credit if your child is under the age of 13 and unable to care for him or herself; the child must also live with you for over half the year.  The maximum amount you can claim is $3,000 for one child or $6,000 for more than one child. 

Stipulations regarding your income apply in order to claim this credit.  In addition, if you receive assistance from your employer, that can make a difference. 

Special rules and requirements apply to each credit; they can be complex and difficult to figure out.  Make sure you understand how the law applies to your situation.  The best way to be sure is to contact an experienced Family Law attorney who can discuss and explain California law to you.

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