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Children and divorce

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When a couple goes through the divorce process, it could be emotional and stressful for them.  It could also be an emotional and stressful time for their children.  It is hard for children to deal with their parents not being together.  Many children start to believe that they are at fault for this separation; they feel abandonment by the parent that left the home. 

Couples that argue back and forth about custody and visitation rights can do much harm to their children – constant fighting is not healthy, especially for children – they become anxious – they do not know which parent to turn to.  Don’t put your child in a position where he or she must choose which child to spend holidays with; they will become resentful.  The parents should come to an agreement and split holiday time.  Here are some helpful hints to make the holiday time work for everyone: 

·         Talk to your ex – make a phone call, send an email, have a conversation.

·         Decide on presents – who will give what to the children so there are no duplications

·         Discuss how long your children will stay with you – how the exchange will take place

·         Consider celebrating as a family, especially if the separation is new

·         Make plans in advance, if possible 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your divorce or children, contact an experienced California Family Law attorney who can help you get on the road to a new and bright future.

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