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Collaborative divorce process

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Most divorces consist of contested issues, arguments, stress, emotional and financial turmoil.  These divorces usually head to court and go through a trial to be resolved.  Some couples prefer to avoid litigation and turn to collaborative divorce.

Collaborative divorce offers an alternative to those who seek an amicable divorce although they, too, disagree on some issues.  Both parties must agree to collaborative divorce for it to work.  Issues include child custody, visitation, spousal and/or child support, and division of property.

The process is unique because it assists the couple in seeking creative solutions to complex divorce issues, keeping the best interests of their children in mind.  It allows you to maintain control over how your divorce is handled.

If you have questions regarding collaborative divorce and if it is right for you, contact an experienced Riverside Divorce attorney who has the knowledge and professionalism to guide you through the collaborative divorce process.

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