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Communicating while divorcing

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Here is some helpful information to be shared.  Communication is the most important element in any relationship – and that includes divorce.  The divorce process, for the most part, is an emotional and tense time.  Take away communication and it becomes unbearable for both parties.

When you are the party who wants to communicate with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, be specific – don’t beat around the bush.  Make your intentions clear and stay focused on your message.  Use a gentle tone.

If you are the spouse who is listening, give your soon-to-be ex-spouse your full attention and don’t interrupt him or her.  If something he or she said is not clear, ask questions at the end – don’t assume anything.

When you have a conversation with your partner or ex-partner, listen to what that person has to say – it might solve a problem you two are having.  It takes two to communicate.

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