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Contempt of court

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You and your ex-spouse are expected to follow court orders that are handed to you during the divorce process.  To ignore them, means you are in contempt of court and that is a crime.

You may think you have a good reason to defy a court order.  A spouse who disagrees with an existing court order may withhold child support or spousal support payments.  And, a spouse who feels an emotional sting after the divorce, may very well, out of spite, withhold your children from visiting with you.

Even though you think you have a good reason to defy a court order, these are examples of contempt and you can be prosecuted for it.  Being found guilty of contempt comes with penalties ranging from enforcement of support agreements, wage garnishment and jail time.  However, there may be a more reasonable explanation for not keeping up with the court order – losing your job and not able to afford payments.

If you would like to hold your ex-spouse in contempt or perhaps fight charges of contempt brought against you, the stakes are too high to do it yourself.  Contact a skilled Riverside Family Law attorney who can help you.

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