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Cooperative parenting

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In more cases than not, cooperative parenting during divorce is not a reality.  Doing what is best for the child should be your number one priority.

When parents are in the middle of a divorce process, one or both try to compensate by buying their child’s affection with toys or other gifts.  They rationalize this behavior by thinking it will take care of the child’s distress over the separation.   However, in essence, they are trying to assuage their own guilt.  Showering your child with gifts does not help the situation in the long run.  Both parents should continue applying the same rules, routines and limits as they did when the family was intact.

Chances are your child will test his or her limits and boundaries.  It is best if both parents can communicate and cooperate with each other – set mutually acceptable rules, routines and limits.  If your child is having problems adjusting, talk to him or her and allow them to express their feelings.

If you have any questions, consider talking to an experienced Riverside Family attorney who can guide you in the right direction – to the road to a happier home life as a single parent.

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