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Couples choosing uncontested divorce

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An uncontested divorce is one where the couple agrees to a settlement in advance – without court intervention.  It is also the quickest and least expensive divorce you can obtain.

The party initiating the divorce still needs to file a Petition for Dissolution; however, the other party can waive his or her right to answer be neither admitting nor denying the allegations stated.    If the Respondent agrees to accept service, service of process can be waived.  This action will save you the costs for serving the papers.

Full disclosure is still required by both parties.  This includes:

·         Financial affidavit filed with the court

·         3 years of tax returns

·         3 months of statements representing assets and liabilities

·         Proof of disclosure – filed with the court

When the parties agree to and sign the marital settlement agreement, the petitioner can proceed to court on a final hearing before the judge.

If you are heading for a divorce and believe your spouse will not contest it, contact an experienced Riverside Divorce attorney who will help you make the best decisions for you and your family.

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