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Couples living together in California

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Are you a young couple or middle-aged couple that is in love and wanting to set up a home together?

That’s all well and good, but don’t forget about protecting your financial future.  Just because you’re in love is not a reason to make a decision you might regret down the road.  The following are some helpful hints to remember if you’re in a non-marital relationship:

·     Consider a written cohabitation agreement

·     Never buy a home or car together – forget about major purchases

·     Don’t become financially dependent on your partner – think about the possibility of a breakup

·     If you’re not married, don’t use your partner’s last name

·     A joint bank account is not a good idea

If you are setting up home with your partner without the benefit of a marriage license, contact an experienced San Bernardino Family Law attorney who can help you protect your financial future.

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