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Dating and divorce

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Ladies, if you are leaving your spouse for another man and think it is okay to date that person, think again.  Experts will tell you to hold off on the dating until your divorce is finalized.

Both you and your spouse’s emotions are running wild at this time.  Why instigate the already bad situation by flaunting another man in front of your husband?  If your husband did not ask for the divorce, he could very well seek revenge to compensate for his anger and hurt.  He could give you a hard time and fight you for custody of the children or property division.  He could even turn around and sue your boyfriend for alienation of affection, putting him in the middle of your divorce proceedings.

Try and keep a cordial relationship with your husband – if for no other reason that the best interest of your children.  A boyfriend will show you the attention you crave at this time and can serve as a distraction during this painful time, but ask yourself, “Am I ready to be emotionally involved with another right now?”

Divorce plays havoc with your mental state; you are not ready to make new permanent choices.  Make it easy for everyone concerned – put this new relationship on hold until the divorce is finalized.  If he’s the one, he’ll wait.

If you think you can handle a new relationship and divorce proceedings at the same time, consult with an experienced and qualified Riverside County Family Law attorney and follow your attorney’s suggestions.

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