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Dating and the Divorce

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I have heard people talking about dating while going through a bad divorce.  Is this a good idea?  In many cases, I would have to say, “No it is not”. Yes, it is nice to have emotional support, someone to take your mind off the difficult time you are going through; however, dating could also have a negative effect on your divorce proceedings.

Remember, you might be separated from your husband or wife, but you are still married to that person.  Consider what the court will think when it comes to determining custody issues.  How will dating make you look in court – what about your morals?  Not to mention all that emotion and stress! Consider the actions your spouse might take if he or she is angry because you already have a significant other.  He or she might feel the need to fight you every step of the way regarding every detail of your divorce.

Before you get into a new relationship, especially if you are still married, think about all the people involved and make the best decision for all concerned.  If you cannot do this on your own, contact an experienced California Family Law attorney who can go over any repercussions that might result because of your actions.  He or she will help you make the right decision.

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