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Difference between contested & uncontested divorce

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The difference between a contested and uncontested divorce is whether the couple can reach an agreement regarding their family issues such as support, child custody, division of assets and a visitation schedule.  All of these issues must be agreed upon before the marriage can be terminated.

Many couples have a difficult time making these sensitive decisions – intense arguments and heated discussions can arise.  It is not easy to mutually agree on terms and conditions that decide who will receive which assets and who has the rights to the children.  When this happens, the divorce is classified as one of contest and is headed to the courtroom for settlement.

The litigation process is highly complex and takes time to reach a conclusion.  If you are involved in a contested divorce, contact a skilled Riverside Divorce attorney who will be able to address the issues that arise when the conditions of a marriage are under a hot debate – who will work to help you secure your future.

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