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Dissolution of a marriage

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California is a no-fault divorce state.  In order to get dissolution of a marriage, the couple must show irreconcilable differences in their relationship – the problems cannot be resolved, even with a marriage counselor’s help.  The only other ground for divorce in California is incurable insanity; however, it is hardly ever used.

The court does not look at who caused the breakup, only which parent would be best to take custody of the children, if there are children.

There are very few divorces today where the couple agrees on marital issues.  In these cases, the court makes the decisions for them.  These include matters on child custody, support to the children and the spouse, visitation, and marital property division.

If you are considering dissolution of your marriage or going through one, contact an experienced California Family Law attorney who can advise you of your rights and put you on the path to a future that is bright for you and your children.

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