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Divorce and an abusive relationship

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Are you in an abusive marriage?  Are you considering divorce? 

When violence exists at home, the battered spouse needs more than just a divorce.  She needs immediate protection for herself and her children.  My advice to you is to proceed with caution – your safety can be at risk.  An abusive husband is prone to using control and power tactics to get what he wants.  He may play mind games with you or threaten you with harming the children.  He could get violent!  His games are designed to instill fear or guilt in you. 

If this is your situation, you need a plan to get out of there.  You need a support team – perhaps your family or close friends.

Whether you need an attorney to help relieve you from the abusive situation or an attorney to help you defend against allegations of abuse, it would be wise to contact an experienced Riverside Divorce attorney who will advise you regarding your concerns about domestic violence, Orders of Protection and divorce.  Leaving an abusive relationship requires an appropriate support system. Your safety and that of your children comes first.

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