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Divorce and Collaborative Law

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Collaborative law is an alternative to divorce proceedings held in a courtroom.  However, it is less stressful for all concerned. Unlike mediation, attorneys are required to be present and active during the process.  If the process turns out to be unsuccessful, the attorneys will withdraw.  The couple can then go to court, but with different attorneys.

The couple must be committed to coming up with an agreement that works for both and any children in order for collaborative law to be successful. 

Many couples turn to collaborative law to avoid court hearings and the stress that goes with it.  In addition, the cost is usually less because it is less time-consuming.  The process addresses the needs of both parties in an informal setting – and it works.  It works because reasoning is used to solve problems, not emotions.  It creates a positive context for settlement. 

If you are thinking of filing for divorce and problem solving is more important to you than fighting with your ex, you should consider using Collaborative Law to resolve your divorce issues.  Contact an experienced California Family Law attorney who is trained in collaborative negotiations.

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