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Divorce and custody

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Today, the divorce rate is increasing at a phenomenal rate.  Did you know that approximately 50% of children are growing up in a single-parent home?

Children need both parents in order for them to develop mentally, emotionally, and physically.  Without the bond of parent and child, negative consequences can be result – making it very traumatic for the child.

Even though most parents strive to protect their children from the anguish of divorce, the task could prove difficult and challenging. Even the best parenting plan cannot cover everything the child is going through – not to mention their emotions and feelings. Children need both parents to love and protect them – to make them feel safe.

Divorce is not good for anyone, especially children.  If you are conscious of your child’s needs and work hard at it, you can help make sure your child grows up well-adjusted and gets through this difficult time.  If you have questions about divorce and how it effects your child, contact an experienced Riverside Divorce attorney who will help you make informed decisions about your future.

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