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Divorce and the family dog

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An animal lover will fight for custody of his or her pet – even during divorce proceedings.  Pets are often viewed and treated as children in families – they are more than a possession.  They hold a special place in our heart.  The thought of not seeing a pet every day can be very upsetting.

When there are children involved, the court usually will assign the pet to live in that home.  However, when there are no children, the court will consider who takes care of the pet, who feeds him or her, and who has the greatest emotional attachment.

Even though some of us consider our pets to be family members, the court system does not.  It considers our pets to be property.  Because almost all households today have a pet, judges issuing visitation rights with the pet.

If you are going through a divorce and concerned with the custody of your pet, contact a skilled Riverside Family Law attorney who knows how important a pet can be to family members.

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