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Divorce and the family pet

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Even though children should be the number one concern when a marriage is ending, what about the family dog?  Many treat their dog as a family member, because that is exactly what they are.

According to some, most couples overcome their differences and put their dog’s best interests first.  However, under the law, dogs are not treated like children and custody does not come into play.  In addition, many judges do not want to get involved in pet disputes because of their busy schedules and overcrowded courtrooms.

Pets, even though they are treated as just another piece of property, are clearly more important than a chair or television.  They are living beings with emotions.  It is important for the divorcing couple to decide amicably what’s to become of their dog.

Finally, another way to handle the dog situation is to include them in a prenuptial agreement that details pet ownership, custody and visitation rights.  A dog is the most common pet affected by divorce rulings in some cases.

If you are going through a divorce and have dog issues, contact a Riverside Divorce attorney who can answer your questions regarding pet custody in your area.  Just remember, dogs can experience severe separation anxiety and need to be provided for.

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