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Divorce and the Internet

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With the Internet and Facebook and Twitter and My Space, it is easy to keep in touch with family and friends – and people you may not even know.  For a person in the middle of divorce, it could be good, but it could be bad.

The following are some tips for those of you talking on the Internet:

·         Never put photos on it that you don’t want the entire world to see, especially your children.

·         There is no reason to tell all about your fancy, new, expensive purchases.  It will work against you when it comes to child or spousal support.

·         Watch your language.  Since millions of people are on these sites each day, the bad language can and most probably will end up in the courtroom to be used against you.

For those of you going through a divorce – it may be fun to let out all of your frustrations on an Internet site, but as long as you are in front of a judge, watch it.

If you are going through a divorce and have questions regarding the Internet and all the ‘chatting’ sites, ask your experienced Riverside Family Law attorney for an opinion.  When you are not sure what to say or what can be held against you online, don’t say anything at all.

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