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Divorce and the single parent

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Now that the divorce is final, the single parent and/or primary caretaker needs to know how to proceed, especially during the first several months. Many professionals recommend getting into a support group to lessen the stress and renew your self-esteem – do not be alone – make as many friends as possible.  Everyone in the support group has the same concerns that you do. 

Do something nice for yourself on an ongoing basis, not just once in a while.  Work on a hobby that you did before you were married or something new that you always wanted to try.  Make a plan for holiday times, especially if you do not have your children with you – visit family or friends in another city. 

If you have to see your former spouse and are stressed to do so, invite a friend to go with you – to act as a buffer.  Do not be competitive with your former spouse in regards to presents or trips. 

Find new things to occupy your free time or new things to do with your children – get out of the house.  Do not be afraid to go to an event alone. 

Learn to love yourself.

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