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Divorce can be devastating

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Going through a divorce is a devastating time for the couple and the children as well.  We can only hope that our children will get through the process with few scars and little emotional pain.  However, they need the help of their parents to find healing.

Most children have a really hard time; especially when one parent moves out.  How about if the financial situation is bad and the children are forced to move to another home, in another location and lose their familiar surroundings?  All sense of security is compromised.

Healing after divorce can take a long time.  You must stabilize yourself first and then attend to your children.  Make sure you explain to your children that they had absolutely nothing to do with the divorce.  Depending on your children’s ages, discuss things openly with them.  Give your children a chance to adjust to their new family structure since it is very difficult for a child to be separated from a parent.  Finally, never bad-mouth your former spouse to your children.

If you have questions regarding how to handle certain family matters during or after your divorce, contact an experienced Riverside Family Law attorney who can get you and your children through this process and on the road to your future.

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