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Divorce can turn children’s lives upside down

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Divorce, for the most part, is a difficult experience for adults.  Can you imagine how difficult it is for the children regardless of their age?  Children’s lives are turned upside down; they have no control over what will happen and they understand very little, if anything.

What once brought order to their lives no longer exists.  Their daily routines are completely different.  They have to stop and think about whose home they are going to after school, who will cook them dinner, which one will put them to bed.  Worst of all is that only one parent will be there for them at a given time – their security is all wrong.  One must stop and think if these changes will bring about serious adjustment problems.

A child’s temperament, age, relationship with each parent is factors in determining if he or she can make the adjustment smoothly.  Additionally, how the parent copes with the divorce will play a part in how the child reacts.  When the parents work together amicably and get on with their lives positively, the children are probably adjusting well. 

When parents cannot get along okay and are engaged in a prolonged battle over issues, the more distressed and upset the children will be.  If you have any questions regarding family issues, contact an experienced Riverside County Family Law attorney who can discuss and answer all of your questions and concerns.

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