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Divorce changes the roles for a dad and a mom

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The process of going through a divorce is not easy for anyone in the household.  This is especially true for families where the father is at work and the mom is a stay-at-home mom, looking after all the day-to-day issues of running a house and caring for the children.  The mom takes the children to school, to doctor and dentist appointments, to their after-school sporting events.  When dad comes home, she tells him what happened that day. 

What happens when ‘Team Mom and Dad’ split up?  All these years the dad has been working during the day and mom has been taking care of the children’s needs.  Dad now has to learn who and where their doctors are located, who their teachers are, and how to make breakfast for them. 

Divorce changes the roles for everyone.  Dad needs to learn more about his children while still going to work every day, and mom might have to look for a job.  The following are some tips for dad to follow:

·         Find out everything about the children’s school, including their teachers and arrange to meet them, classes they are taking, make sure your name  is on emergency contact list

·         Learn who their doctors are and where they are located; meet them

·         Find out what extracurricular activities they are involved with; attend them 

Never compete with the mother by showering your children with gifts or trips to amusement parks.  Your children love you and do not need gifts all the time.  What they do need is your constant assurance that you love them.

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