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Divorce comes with emotional stages

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Going through a divorce, for most people, is not easy – it can be a very emotional process.  Along with the planning, paperwork, arguments and changes, the emotional rollercoaster is there to be ridden.   Some emotions can affect a person’s thinking or judgment.  It is natural for one to feel grief when his or her marriage comes to an end.  For some people it takes a short time to feel better; for others, it could take years.

Emotions felt during divorce are similar to those felt when a loved one dies.  They include denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance.  One day you may be happy about your new freedom and the next day you may be sitting around crying.  These are normal reactions.

Reports indicate that women are more prone to depression, shades of loneliness, insomnia, etc. in the months following separation.  However, during the first year, both can feel angry, anxious, and vulnerable.  It is important to establish a new co-parenting relationship when children are involved and accept the losses that occur with divorce.  When the third year arrives, most spouses have formed new relationships and their earlier emotions have returned.

Working through emotions of divorce is significant to rebuilding your life after divorce.

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