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Divorce in California

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Divorce is a very serious matter and shouldn’t be decided on in a hasty manner.  It requires a lot of planning and is not always the only option a couple has.

If you are thinking about divorce in California, there are issues to consider first:

·         Is divorce right for you?  If you are not 100% sure, consult a marriage counselor or someone who can give you good advice about the issues before you.  Try and put your life back on track if at all possible.

·         Do not move out of your home unless domestic violence is involved because safety comes first.  If danger is not involved, stay put because moving out of your home is detrimental to you when custody is decided.  Suggest a “time-sharing” agreement for you and your husband to split the time with your children.

·         Discuss options with an experienced California divorce attorney.  Your attorney will explain and guide you through the complex divorce laws in California.   He or she will help you make the right decisions for you and your children.

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