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Divorce mediation and cooperation

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Statistics prove that a couple working together and not against each other, can come up with an agreement that will last a very long time – an agreement that is successful and will not be challenged in later years. 

There are three parts to every divorce and they include the separation, the financial aspect and finally, the grieving and healing process.  Cooperation includes the ability of separating the emotional aspects from the business at hand, setting clear and doable goals, and creating a positive attitude towards each other.  Couples need to address issues with the best interests of the children in mind and come up with a plan that suits everyone involved.  Don’t take sides – do this on the same side.  Working together can lead to satisfaction and faster healing.

Emotions can become an enemy, if you let them.  When an individual feels hurt, he or she wants to hurt back – this is not good and brings hostility to the table.  A mediator can help a couple separate their emotions and address the issues at hand so they can be resolved.  A negative attitude is not good in any relationship, let alone a couple heading for divorce.  A positive attitude cuts through poor communication and disappointments.  A mediator can help a couple resolve their divorce issues in a positive manner.

Cooperation is the key word – it leads to success and long-term viability of the divorce agreement.

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