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Divorce without the courtroom

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Couples that decide on divorce but can agree on most issues should consider mediation.  It will save them time and money.

Mediation is a confidential process where both parties and a third-party, or the mediator, discuss and try to resolve all their marital issues.  The mediator is there to facilitate the discussions with a goal of reaching a resolution that is amicable to both parties.  

Mediation, for the most part, is a successful option for couples faced with divorce because it enables them to participate in the process.  It focuses on family and relationships rather than money and visitation time.  The hope is to rebuild a strong family bond instead of breaking it up through divorce proceedings in court.  It can provide a fast resolution and allow each party to feel as if they have won something.

There are few things that you will ever have to endure that are as trying as going through a divorce.  The anxiety and ager over the situation can be exhausting.  At times like these it is important to have an experienced Riverside Family Law attorney by your side who can help you through this difficult situation and help you stay focused on your best interesting while moving forward.

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