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Divorced and living together

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California affords certain rights and benefits to married couples.  These rights and benefits are not given to domestic partners or couples who cohabitate.  Once the couple is divorced, they no longer enjoy the same rights they once shared as a married couple.

Once a couple is divorced, even if they are still living together, California law does not allow them to continue to claim each other as dependents on Federal tax returns – they must now file separately.  The couple can no longer transfer gifts or receive an inheritance without being subjected to Federal taxes.

In addition, their right to collect on social security, pensions or Veteran’s benefits has stopped.  Finally, if one of the parties becomes incapacitated, the other does not have the right to make medical decisions on his or her behalf – like when they were married.

If your divorce is final but you are still living together, and you have questions regarding your rights and possible benefits, contact an experienced Riverside Family Law attorney who can answer your questions and discuss your legal rights.

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