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Do you have a blended family?

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Blended families are becoming more and more common today.  However, they can sometimes bring issues far and beyond the normal challenges of parenthood.

Are you having problems with your blended family?  If you are a step-parent, these problems can be complicated, challenging, and stressful.

Here are some helpful hints to make your blended family a happy one:

·     Listen to what your children have to say without getting defensive

·     Communicate with your children; tell them what you expect from them

·     Explain what your role is with your new children; make sure they know you have no intentions

of replacing their birth parent

·     Never criticize the child’s birth parent; establish friendly relations with him or her

·     Do not take rejection personally

·     Spend time with your new children in a mutually enjoyable environment

If you or your spouse has stated a blended family, it may be time to explore modification of child custody arrangements or child support obligations.  Balancing responsibilities from a previous relationship and from a current one may require the help of an experienced Riverside Family Law attorney who can help you understand your legal options at this time.

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