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Domestic Abuse

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The California Domestic Violence Prevent Act of 1994 defines domestic violence as, “Violence against a spouse, cohabitant, fiancée, or other person with whom the abuser has a dating relationship or someone formerly in any of these relationships.”  Acts of violence include sexual assault, placing a person in a situation where he or she can be seriously injured, or intentionally causing physical injury. 

There are many options available to a victim of domestic abuse, which include filing criminal charges and seeking a protective order against the abuse.  The protective order is a court order obtained at the superior courthouse in the county where the victim lives.  It is enforceable in California by any law enforcement officer.  In order to receive this court order, the victim must show evidence of the abuse.  Another option is an emergency protective order which will protect the victim immediately if he or she is in danger. 

Domestic abuse is a serious issue in California. If you are afraid for your safety and do not know how to go about getting a protective order against the person who is threatening you, contact an experienced California Family Law attorney to discuss the process and the relief to which you are entitled and deserve.

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