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Don’t wait to protect your assets

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It is hard to ignore the fact that less people are getting married these days. In fact, only 51% of all adults choose marriage, reflecting a record low. Consequently, couples are living together in lieu of marriage. In the United States, it is reported that around 15.3 million heterosexual couples cohabitate.

There are many reasons why couples find cohabitation a better option than marriage. Some couples feel marriage is outdated and are scared of the high divorce rate. Well to do older or elderly people may find marriage a poor idea because they might lose much of their estate if a divorce occurs. Lastly, people who choose to cohabitate simply to save money or due to their beliefs.

The law encompassing cohabitation agreements can be complex, and the facts of each case are always unique. Our experienced attorneys will help protect your legal rights by drafting an enforceable cohabitation agreement addressing a multitude of issues to preserve your interests.

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