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Down Under Divorces Rise on Money Worries

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The number of divorces in Australia rose for the first time in almost a decade and some experts suggest the rise is linked to money worries. The number of divorces rose to 49,448 in 2009, an increase of five per cent, or 2239, on the total in 2008, the latest
Bureau of Statistics figures show.

Australia Associated Press reports that after adjusting for population growth and the rate of marriage breakdown increases from 2.2 divorces per 1000 people to 2.3 per 1000 people for 2009. This marks the first increase in the number and rate of divorces since 2001.

Not-for-profit support group Relationships Australia says the rise could be linked to the global financial crisis. ”We don’t know for sure but we do know whenever we survey people about the factors that affect their relationship … the top three are money, work and kids in that order,” spokeswoman Anne Hollonds said.

”The last time we did a survey in late 2008,” Hollonds continued, “when the GFC was just starting, we found the number of people that mentioned financial stress as a key factor had more than doubled in comparison to the previous survey in 2006.”

Divorces can be expected to continue rising for the next year or two as there’s often a lag between problems surfacing and couples deciding to split, Hollonds added. The median age of males and females who were divorced in 2009 was 44.4 and 41.5 years respectively.

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