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Estate planning after divorce

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I have been asked by newly divorced people if they should re-do their estate planning once their divorce is final.  I respond with yes.  Any prior estate planning is no longer valid. 

An important matter to look into is naming a new person to control any funds you are leaving to your children; you need to remove your ex-spouse’s name from all documents.  Under the California Uniform Transfers to Minors Act, you want to name a relative or trusted friend to act as your children’s Trustee or Custodian.

Look into appointing a Guardian for any minor children you have should you and your ex-spouse die before they attain their majority. 

Make sure your health-care wishes are known should you become incapacitated.  Finally, make your wishes known about who should receive any assets you have. 

If you have any questions about revising your will or any documents pertaining to assets and property you own, contact an experienced Riverside Family Law attorney who will be able to help you and, make sure your desires and wishes are fulfilled after your death.

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