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Estate planning and divorce

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After divorce, it is important to revise any estate planning documents you might have in order to protect your loved ones. 

An experienced California Family Law attorney can advise you if it is possible to name a family member or trusted friend as a trustee or custodian for your children.  Your attorney will discuss the provisions of the California uniform Transfers to Minors Act with you.  He or she will also make sure your ex-spouse no longer controls any monies that you bequeath to your children. 

It is important to discuss the appointment of a guardian for your minor children in the event you die while they are still minors, your ex-spouse is no longer alive, or your ex-spouse is an unfit parent.

Appoint a trusted friend or family member to be the administrator of your estate.  Make sure any assets you have are received by those you choose. 

Make sure you create an Advance Health Care Directive so your medical wishes are adhered to in the event you become incapacitated.  Put your wishes regarding life support and all health issues in writing – include the person you want to make decisions for you. 

Contact an experienced California Family Law attorney and discuss all these issues now.  Life is too short and you never know what tomorrow brings.  Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today.

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