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Facing divorce

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Any person who promised “forever” on their wedding day knows that divorce has a way of destroying those plans that were made for a lifetime of happiness.  On that day you knew exactly what was supposed to happen; today you face the unknown.  Divorce can turn our lives upside down.

You now have to decide by yourself how to spend the rest of your life and that, my friend, can be quite overwhelming.  You must now face your fears and get on with your life; sitting and crying will not solve anything.  You cannot allow fears to hold you back and rob you of your self-esteem and confidence.

No one knows what the future will bring; we cannot predict it.  However, what we can do is create a vision of what we would like and then take the necessary steps to walk down that path.  Why not replace all your fears with visions of hope and change – be optimistic.  Get rid of the negativity surrounding you and keep your mind open to what lies ahead.

Recovering from divorce can take a while.  Sit down, face your fears and determine how you will move forward in your life.

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