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False Rip Off Report – Dayn Holstrom Lawyer Review

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Everyone has the right to freedom of speech. What I don’t respect is when someone uses a medium like the internet to mislead the public from the truth.

What I am referring to is a “rip-off report” that complains about my family law practice, and me. I read this woman’s allegations and the first thing that is obvious is that she was never my client, but rather the ex-wife of my client. Her claims are completely false and simply do not make any sense.

These accusations came about because we did an amazing job for her ex-husband, our client. We protected his rights and interests in their divorce case. His ex-wife from a marriage of only one year believed she got the raw end of the deal. The fact is my family law office and I did everything we were supposed to do for our client. She was so upset about going up against my client and not getting everything she wanted, that she decided to badmouth both me and my family law practice.

Let me make this perfectly clear, – I would never rip off or take advantage of a client. I treat my clients like family. I can sincerely tell you that once someone becomes my client, I will aggressively pursue the best possible outcomes in all aspects of the case. My goal is always to reach a settlement that accommodates the needs of my clients and/or their children – one that all parties involved deserve. Everyone has rights in a divorce, it is important to realize any quality attorney will always put the needs of their client’s in front of the needs of the opposing party.

If you have any questions regarding this “rip-off report” or any family law matter, please contact the offices of Holstrom Sissung Marks & Anderson at 951-734-6371 or toll free at 866-930-1949. Let me prove to you the quality of our family law and divorce services. Our clients tell us that we are the best Family Law lawyers in Riverside County, but you be the judge for yourself.


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