20 December 2011 0 Comments

Family time at Christmas

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Christmas is supposed to be a time spent with family by sharing and caring and giving to loved ones – family bonding time.

However, a large number of people do not spend time with their families; many are with friends and many are alone.  Why not make Christmas a time for family bonding?   Unfortunately, for children with divorced parents, Christmas is not the same.  However, you can still make it fun for your children because now they get to have two Christmas celebrations.  It is a good time to teach your children about love, compassion, giving and sharing.

If this is the first Christmas you are spending with your children after your divorce, make it fun; start new traditions like decorating the house and tree together; come up with games your family might enjoy.  Give yourself a break from being down in the dumps – spend the maximum time with your family and make it a point to be happy, especially for your children.

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