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Finalizing your divorce

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You and your spouse have agreed to all the important terms for your divorce.  What happens next?

Even in the most amicable divorce, it is common for spouses to leave something out of the agreement by accident.  Did you remember to discuss child custody and support?  How about property division?

If you actually remembered to list all the important marital issues in your agreement, and you actually agreed to them all, the divorce can be a relatively simple legal procedure.  The attorney for the filing spouse files the divorce petition and serves the other spouse.  The attorney will then draft an Agreed Final Decree of Divorce, which will then be signed by your spouse.

Your spouse should then hire or consult with an experienced Riverside Divorce attorney.  Once all of the papers are signed by the couple and their attorneys, you, as the filing spouse, and your attorney go to court for a hearing to have the court enter the decree and any other documents.

Regardless of how easy you think your divorce may be, there is always the possibility of leaving something very important out of the agreement.  It is best to contact an experienced Riverside Divorce attorney who will make sure your rights are protected.

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