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Former American Idol in court

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Remember Ruben Studdard?  He was the American Idol singer several years ago, but hasn’t been around much.

Apparently Studdard filed for divorce several months ago citing irreconcilable differences.  Even though his wife Surata agreed to some of those differences, she reacted to the couple’s prenuptial agreement.  She is claiming that she was pressured into signing it days before their wedding.  She wants part of the singer’s estate, which includes royalties from his songs, jewelry, property and whatever else.

The judge upheld the prenup agreement and refused to award Surata any money for alimony and went one step further – he forced her to return the engagement ring.  However, she gets to keep her photo albums, wedding dress, $10,000 in cash, $2,000 for a family lawyer’s fees, and a 6-year old BMW, which Ruben will continue making payments on.

Even though Studdard hasn’t been singing as much as he might like to, you can say one thing for him – he created an iron clad prenup agreement – that actually worked.

If you plan on getting married or remarried and have financial or personal interests you would like to protect, you could ask Ruben Studdard to help you or you could contact an experienced and knowledgeable Riverside Family Law attorney who will help you and your potential spouse drift a prenuptial agreement so you can begin planning your future together.

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