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Getting a divorce does not mean you are a failure

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Just because your marriage didn’t work out doesn’t mean you, as a person, is a failure.  Going through a divorce can really wreak havoc on your emotions and self-esteem.  Only you can prevent that from happening.  It is normal to think what you could have done or what you should not have done when your relationship ends.  It is okay to think about these failures during the divorce process, but dwelling on them is not a good thing and will not help you move on with your life.

Stop thinking you are a failure, because you are not.  Constant thoughts like these can cause physical and emotional problems later on, such as depression or anxiety.  Stop blaming yourself; it takes two to tango.  Learn from these failures and start thinking positively about future new relationships.  The past is gone, but the future can hold bright, new prospects.

Just remember, no one person is at fault for a breakup.

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