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Handling debt after a divorce

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What happens when the divorce is final and the debt is still outstanding and the credit cards still have your name on them?

 The number one way to make sure your credit is not hurt is to show the collection agencies proof that the judge assigned the debt to your ex.  By doing this, the debt should be removed from your credit report.

 If your ex does not pay it, it may be wise to deal directly with the collection agency.  Agree to pay it only if they give you a written promise to remove the debt completely from your credit report.  Take this to the judge along with the order showing that your ex is responsible for payment.  The judge can make a judgment attaching property or wages for repayment to you.

 If you cannot get a collection agency to work with you, contact an experienced Riverside County Family Law attorney who will discuss alternatives with you – helping you get your good credit back.

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